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Our Story

After 40 years of contributing to the community as a healthcare professional through a private practice. As well as donating time, funding and other resources to the community, family and friends. If you were in need you knew to call Rose. She would help any and everyone in need.  Rose M. Ray Founded Buchanan Foundation Inc in 2018. To ensure those in need would have a place to go so they would never have to go without basic necessities.



Our Mission

To Continue to provide, educate and be a reliable organization for resourcing to underserved communities that are impacted by high crime rate, drugs, prostitution, lack of income, high infant mortality rate and lack of basic needs.

Our Vision 

A society where your basic needs are met. A well developed infrastructure to where if you need something essential you can go to your local  Buchanan Foundation chapter and receive what you need at no cost to you.

Our Team

Rose M. Ray

Chief Executive Officer

Janel Keys

Director of Programs

Anthony Harry

Director of Outreach and Community Engagement


Our Partners

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